Components of HR that is directly related to Business Performance

While developing an HR strategy for any kind of organization, we need to think and visualize one very crucial fact of HR. What components of a service department like HR directly relates to organizational business performance? This is a very important question to ask, because developing an HR strategy might be difficult due to distractions […]

Cost cutting Managers vs Profit Earning Managers

You are the manager of your department. You may have different category of people working under you. Being the manager you work for your company’s top level management (who pays you). It is obvious you show them some cost cuttings from your department in order to a competent money saving manager. While you work as […]

Recruitment | The one best way?

We often face difficulties in finding out the best candidates for entry level posts in an organization. We cannot identify the right or the “one best” recruitment process. Recruitment can be time consuming and even cost effective. To minimize these two, in Bangladesh, the best process or practice can be 6 step process as shown […]