Employee termination checklist

These checklist for employee termination will help employers to avoid litigation land mines. Date of hire Length of tenure Age (There are key protections for employees over 40 year old and above) Ethnicity Gender Corrective action history Most recent performance review score and overall performance review history Open workers’ compensation claim(s) Disability status: for example […]

When trainers don’t stay focused, you might lose a top performer from your selection pool

It is very important for organizations to understand the fact that orientation training can lead to dissatisfaction to certain employees they are hiring. If your “Product Trainer” doesn’t know about the HR aspects of training and development then there is a high chance that they will fail. Training is not something very easy. It is […]

Components of HR that is directly related to Business Performance

While developing an HR strategy for any kind of organization, we need to think and visualize one very crucial fact of HR. What components of a service department like HR directly relates to organizational business performance? This is a very important question to ask, because developing an HR strategy might be difficult due to distractions […]